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Farr West Fabrics is my home business located at 3591 N 2550 W, Farr West, UT. We specialize in flannels, cottons, minkies and hemstitching with a focus on blankets (for all ages), finished or ready for you to finish!  We empahsis baby items such as CUSTOM blankets, car seat covers, burps and some of the CUTEST bibs and gift items! Our fabrics and blankets are even more fun to see in person.  We spend considerable time searching for the perfect match so you don’t have to!  Choose from ours or bring in your own and we will prepare and hemstitch it for you. Now available M-F from 8am-6pm and most Saturdays!  Although, I ALWAYS try to work around you, one benefit of my home business is the flexibility it affords.  It is best to call first and make sure I haven’t ran off on an errand.  But, if you’re already in the area FEEL FREE TO DROP BY!  ORDER NOW through our Online STORE!  Also, accepting orders, by phone or email.

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Hemstitching - What is Hemstitching

Hemstich is a decorative drawn thread work or openwork hand-sewing technique for embellishing the hem clothing or household linens.  Hand hemstitching can be imitated by a hemstitching machine which has a piercer that pierces holes into the fabric and two separate needles that sew the hole open.  This type of machine hemstitching is used around the edge of items such as baby blankets.  These items look beautiful and may be used AS IS or you may crochet a decrative edge around the item using the holes of the hemstitch for the crochet hook to enter.

Crocheted Edging

FREE: My EASY Beautiful Scalloped Edge Instructions

1. Row 1. Single crochet around your baby blanket or other item in each hemstitch hole all the way around.  End row 1 with a slip stitch. 2. Row2. *Skip one single crochet. Double crochet in next single crochet.  Double crochet in the same single crochet 4 more times (you will have 5 double crochets total in one). Repeat from * 3. End with a slip stitch.  Cut thread about two and a half inches long and tuck in and out of crochet work with your crochet needle to hide the remaining thread. This leaves a simple, but beautiful crocheted edge around your item. Finished or Do it Yourself (Crochet) blanket Kits available. Do it Yourself Kits...   SEW IN AN HOUR!  Here’s our EVER POPULAR... Ready to Sew Ric Rac Blanket.   EASY, ADORABLE and REVERSIBLE! The kits come cut perfectly,   w/Large Ric Rac and instructions! Do It Yourself Kit Pricing Pick ANY two fabrics...   on the Flannel and Cotton page!  Knowing you made it yourself!    Finished blankets also available! Online shopping is here!  In-Store Pick-Up available at checkout! Ready to Go and Custom Order Options! Also accepting orders by phone 801-721-7425 or email Cari@FarrWestFabrics.com Choose a category, Drill down to view all items in the category!
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